A new web platform for Profil Rejser, a luxury holiday package provider from Denmark.

This project began with a trip to Copenhagen to meet the external team and facilitate a discovery workshop. The aim of the workshop was to gather and understand all business requirements to help create a project plan and cost. We completed a variety of activities to help unearth information, such as card sorting and journey mapping. We also looked at brand vision, positioning and personality.

On return to the UK, the team and I refined our results and created a plan for MVP using the MoSCoW method. With a clear vision for the project, I went on to produce simplified user flows and modular wireframes, based on the discovery workshop results. My aim was to improve the IA and simplify the booking journey, while also encouraging the user to explore travel destinations and experiences.

Once the wireframes were complete and all business requirements were met, I created a low fidelity prototype for user testing, before moving on to the visual design and art direction. I worked with the existing Profil Rejser brand assets and created key template designs across desktop, tablet and mobile, a component library and digital style guide.


Art Direction
UX/UI Design
Visual Design


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